Most Miss Their Most Important Choice

Lake Abraham in Winter by Long Nguyen (longhnphoto)) on
Lake Abraham in Winter by Long Nguyen

I wish this choice had flashing neon signs around it. But it doesn’t. So you will probably miss it.

Here it is:

Will I face these hard questions that surface in my soul or will I stuff them?

  • At some point in life your Camelot falls. Naive idealism comes to a screeching halt. Loss hits your soul. Your concept of God is decimated. (Often in your 20’s and 30’s)
  • You press on. You stuff your hard questions. You silence the doubt with your auto-pilot and your addictions. (Often in your 30’s and 40’s)
  • You face the chaos from your auto-pilot living. You resign to the empty shell that is your life. OR you try and manufacture the appearance of life through some sort of mid-life crisis. Wild adventures are great. Just don’t hurt those you committed to while you grasp for peace. (Often in your 50’s and 60’s)

Dear God there has to be a better way. And there is. I’ve just described someone around you. Maybe I’ve described you.

First, acknowledge the loss. Grieve the pain. It may be the loss of dream. It maybe the loss of a childhood. You may need the grieve the wounds from aggressors. You may need to grieve the passive wounds from being ignored. Both hurt.

I just put flashing neon signs around what is going on in your soul. Ignore at your own peril.

Grieve the loss. Write it out. Cry it out. Yell it out. Sing it out. Run it out. But. get. it. out. Get the loss out in the open. God understands loss and pain. His experience with grief will guide you. Dump it on Him. Part 2 will resume what’s next.